101: Lagunitas

Episode Summary

Dr Pat Mace from Lagunitas Brewing Company joins the podcast for an informal Q&A session

Episode Notes

Dr Pat Mace from USA IPA trailblazer Lagunitas Brewing Company joins the podcast for an informal Q&A session.

Note: The audience members were not mic'd up for questions. Audio for these bits have been boosted, but they are also transcribed below. As the Lagunitas slogan goes, "Beer speaks. People mumble."

Audience Questions

  1. (6:44) "I'd to know how... I mean, I don't really know the history about
    this beer, the IPA - your IPA - how long has that been available in
    the US for, has the recipe changed over the years?"

  2. (14:44) "You guys are just down the road, do you guys do much collab or...
    how well do you guys get along? Do you get along well? Do you share
    brews? Are you comrades or competitors? Or a bit of everything?"

  3. (21:19) "If you're thinking of the increased distribution you're getting from
    Heineken, and you're at full max in these two breweries, are you
    looking at building more, like increasing the size of the breweries
    in California and Chicago, or are you looking at maybe building a

  4. (23:12) "I was just keen to find out the history of the name 'Lagunitas'."

  5. (24:25) "I was going to ask... as a sort of IPA pioneer, what do you think
    about New England IPAs? It's the beer of the moment - what's your

  6. (25:06) "Just the beers in the bar that are going to be available in
    Australia or are you distributing more beers?"